Sennen Cove Photographs

When was "Songs of Praise" at Sennen Cove? Looking at the skirt lengths I would hazard a guess at some time in the 60's!

Pre-1912 Lifeboat House

The Success Inn Pre-1912 (When parking wasn't a problem!)

The "High Tech" transatlantic cable termination at Sennen Cove

Pre-1912 Pilchard Boats

Pre-1912 Huer's Hut overlooking Whitesand Bay

Is there any remaining evidence of this building?

The rock is still there - but he is long gone. Pre-1912

Pre-1912 Pilchard Fisherman's Cottage
Does it still exist?

Pre-1912 Pressing Stones over Pilchards in Tanks

The Success Inn at the end of the 19th Century

The next 13 images have been kindly donated by Colin Tellam. The text and dates are his. This pilchard catch is believed to be the last seine net catch in 1960.

This photograph is believed to be of the lifeboat crew in 1929.

Any confirmation of crew names would be greatly appreciated

Believed to be the first motor lifeboat at Sennen in 1929

The "Land's End Troop". Harry James, who was the lifeboat mechanic in 1929, is second from the left.

Building the lifeboat slip in 1928